Xpel Standard

Xpel-StandardFeatures :

  • Pest-free coverage for about 10×12 sq feet area.
  • Units plug into standard AC outlets.
  • Very economical – Consumes less than 2 units of electricity per month.
  • Front Red LED indicates that the unit is ON.
  • A Test Button to verify (by audible sound) that the unit is working.

The powerful sound waves generated are within the hearing range of many pests like rats, cockroaches, lizards and spiders. It causes them pain and discomfort. As a result the pests often run away immediately. In some cases it could take upto two to three weeks before a significant reduction in pest infestation occurs.

Do not keep any object in front of the Xpel unit. This obstruction would absorb and dampen sound. Since ultrasound usually does not penetrate walls, it is important that it bounces around corners to cover larger areas.

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