Xpel On Wheels


The ultrasound produced by Xpel On Wheels bounces around under the bonnet of the vehicle to produce an ultrasonic noise field to repel the rodents. This ensures that rats do not come into the bonnet, protecting your car’s expensive electrical cabling and rubber hoses.


The ultrasonic sound waves produced are between 20 to 50 Khz and cannot be heard by humans. Only the pests hear this sound. It scares them and they run away. The design is such that it does not affect household non-rodent pets like dogs and cats etc.

This is an eco-friendly product. The sound waves only irritate the rats and repel them, they do not kill.



  1. Power Supply – 12 V DC.
  2. Sound output – not audible to humans.
  3. Power Consumption – less than 0.5W.
  4. Frequency range – 30 – 50 KHz.
  5. Coverage – 120 sq feet.

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