Rat Vanisher

Rat Vanisher is being extensively used in the rail bogies and canteens of Southern Railways. This product has also been exported to neighbouring countries.

A specially formulated non-poisonous (patent pending) rat repellent, Rat Vanisher drives away rats from your surroundings. With Rat Vanisher, forget the days of removing dead rats after poisoning them. In other words, Rat Vanisher does not kill rats as the rodenticides do. The hazards of killing rats, emotional and environmental concerns can thus be avoided.

This comes in a cake form in a plastic container. Remove the outer cover and place the container in the problem area. After a few days it is noticed that the rats have disappeared! The cake lasts for about 20 days. But the area is rat free for about one and a half months. To keep the rats away a new container has to be placed after one and a half months.

Use it once and for long, you can say goodbye to rats and relax in peace.

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