Rat Vanisher

Rat Vanisher is being extensively used in the rail bogies and canteens of Southern Railways. This product has also been exported to neighbouring countries.

A specially formulated non-poisonous (patent pending) rat repellent, Rat Vanisher drives away rats from your surroundings. With Rat Vanisher, forget the days of removing dead rats after poisoning them. In other words, Rat Vanisher does not kill rats as the rodenticides do. The hazards of killing rats, emotional and environmental concerns can thus be avoided.

This comes in a cake form in a plastic container. Remove the outer cover and place the container in the problem area. After a few days it is noticed that the rats have disappeared! The cake lasts for about 20 days. But the area is rat free for about one and a half months. To keep the rats away a new container has to be placed after one and a half months.

Use it once and for long, you can say goodbye to rats and relax in peace.

Xpel Standard

Xpel-StandardFeatures :

  • Pest-free coverage for about 10×12 sq feet area.
  • Units plug into standard AC outlets.
  • Very economical – Consumes less than 2 units of electricity per month.
  • Front Red LED indicates that the unit is ON.
  • A Test Button to verify (by audible sound) that the unit is working.

The powerful sound waves generated are within the hearing range of many pests like rats, cockroaches, lizards and spiders. It causes them pain and discomfort. As a result the pests often run away immediately. In some cases it could take upto two to three weeks before a significant reduction in pest infestation occurs.

Do not keep any object in front of the Xpel unit. This obstruction would absorb and dampen sound. Since ultrasound usually does not penetrate walls, it is important that it bounces around corners to cover larger areas.

Xpel On Wheels


The ultrasound produced by Xpel On Wheels bounces around under the bonnet of the vehicle to produce an ultrasonic noise field to repel the rodents. This ensures that rats do not come into the bonnet, protecting your car’s expensive electrical cabling and rubber hoses.


The ultrasonic sound waves produced are between 20 to 50 Khz and cannot be heard by humans. Only the pests hear this sound. It scares them and they run away. The design is such that it does not affect household non-rodent pets like dogs and cats etc.

This is an eco-friendly product. The sound waves only irritate the rats and repel them, they do not kill.



  1. Power Supply – 12 V DC.
  2. Sound output – not audible to humans.
  3. Power Consumption – less than 0.5W.
  4. Frequency range – 30 – 50 KHz.
  5. Coverage – 120 sq feet.



This is a unique formulation designed to drive away rats. Spray in your car engine to protect your car from rats. Do not use indoors.

REPELZ Herbal mosquito and flies vanisher

REPELZ Herba Mosquito Vanisher

This is a Eucalyptus based formulation which keeps mosquitoes and flies away. It comes in a 45ml refill bottle which can be attached to the main plug in unit (like Good Night). It has a natural and pure soothing aroma. It is non toxic and non Prallethrin. This is a herbal repellent and contains no chemicals.

JUST SPRAY mosquito repellent room spray – Indoor herbal solution


This is a unique blend of plant extracts and aromatic oils when sprayed in the room 10 minutes prior to sleeping will repel mosquitoes and insects for 8-12 hours. It is non-toxic, safe and environment friendly. Scientists from CIMAP, Lucknow, a frontier plant research laboratory of CSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. Of India have developed this effective herbal repellent room spray.

YESPRAY mosquito repellent body spray – Outdoor herbal solution


This is a 100% herbal mosquito repellent body spray made from aromatic oils and herbal extracts like Tulsi, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus and Palmarosa oils. Unlike other mosquito repellents, lotions and creams it is a water based liquid which is safe in the skin. It is nontoxic, ecofriendly and does not contain any chemicals. YESPRAY when applied keeps away mosquitoes for 4—5 hours.

Cockroaches, Ants and Lizard Repellent Tablets


This is an extremely cost effective and easy way to drive away the pests. Place the tablets liberally along the sides and corners of the room. These can also be put in the bathrooms near the drain to keep cockroaches away. After a few days you will see that the cockroaches and also lizards are driven away. Do not use in the clothes cupboard.